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Marshall' Eminem 'Mathers (1972 - heden) is een hiphopicoon die begon als een underground battle rapper in Detroit. ontwikkelde een carrière vol controverse, wilde swings en enkele van de meest opmerkelijke raps in de geschiedenis van het genre. 100 Huidig ingevulde teksten en vertalingen

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Song naamReportsWilt u de vertaling?
Curtains Up 0/3
Paul 0/3
Steve Berman 0/3
Eminem Gets Verified on Genius by Genius 0/3
Paul 0/3
Nice Guy by Eminem & Jessie Reyez0/3
Paul 1/3
The Marshall Mathers LP0/3
Monkey See, Monkey Do0/3
We as Americans0/3
Can I Bitch 0/3
Bump Heads 0/3
God Is Cleaning Out My Closet 0/3
911 by Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E 0/3
106 & Park - BET The Backroom Freestyle by Andy Mineo0/3
The Backroom Freestyle by B.o.B0/3
BET 106 & Park: BackRoom Freestyle by Chill Moody0/3
106 & Park - BET The Backroom Freestyle by Chris Webby0/3
106 & Park: Backroom Freestyle by Cory Gunz0/3
BET Backroom Freestyle by Elzhi 0/3
BET Backroom Freestyle by Emilio Rojas0/3
Em360 Rapcity Backroom Freestyle by Eminem 0/3
106 & Park - BET The Backroom Freestyle by G-Eazy0/3
BET The Backroom Freestyle by GQ0/3
BET Backroom Freestyle by Hopsin0/3
BET BackRoom Freestyle by Kendrick Lamar 0/3
106 & Park - BET The Backroom Freestyle by Kevin Gates0/3
BET Backroom Freestyle by Kid Ink0/3
106 & Park - BET The Backroom Freestyle by Lecrae0/3
BET BackRoom Freestyle by Lil Dicky 0/3
BET Backroom Freestyle by Logic0/3
106 & Park - BET The Backroom Freestyle by Macklemore0/3
BET Backroom Freestyle by PRhyme 0/3
106 & Park - BET The Backroom Freestyle by Rittz0/3
BET 106 & Park: BackRoom Freestyle by Sha Stimuli0/3
BET Back Room Freestyle by Slaughterhouse 0/3
BET Backroom Freestyle by Vic Mensa0/3
Updated for Eminem's Part in EM360 Rap City BackRoom by BET Rap City BackRoom 0/3
ShadyXV by Eminem0/3
Psychopath Killer by Slaughterhouse 0/3
Die Alone by Eminem 0/3
Vegas by Bad Meets Evil0/3
Y'all Ready Know by Slaughterhouse0/3
Down by Yelawolf0/3
Bane by D120/3
Fine Line by Eminem0/3
Twisted by Skylar Grey 0/3
Right for Me by Eminem0/3
Detroit vs. Everybody by Eminem 0/3
I Get Money by 50 Cent0/3
Purple Pills by D120/3
Lose Yourself by Eminem0/3
Cry Now 0/3
Let's Roll by Yelawolf 0/3
Hammer Dance by Slaughterhouse0/3
You Don’t Know by Eminem 0/3
My Band by D120/3
Wanna Know by Obie Trice0/3
The Setup 0/3
Fight Music by D120/3
Pop the Trunk by Yelawolf0/3
Shady CXVPHER 0/3
Detroit vs. Everybody 0/3
Bagpipes from Baghdad0/3
Tonya 0/3
We Made You0/3
Stay Wide Awake2/3
Déjà Vu3/3
Crack a Bottle 0/3
Steve Berman 0/3
Careful What You Wish For0/3
Intro 0/3
Shake That 0/3
Dead Wrong by The Notorious B.I.G. 0/3
Role Model0/3
Shit On You by D120/3
Curtains Up 0/3
Evil Deeds0/3
Never Enough 1/3
Yellow Brick Road0/3
My 1st Single0/3
Paul 0/3
Rain Man0/3
Big Weenie0/3
Em Calls Paul 0/3
Spend Some Time 0/3
Crazy in Love0/3
One Shot 2 Shot 0/3
Final Thought 0/3
Encore / Curtains Down 0/3
Ricky Ticky Toc0/3
Get Money0/3
Cut Back0/3
Syllables 0/3
The Apple0/3
Difficult 0/3
It’s Been Real0/3
Low Down, Dirty0/3
Mommy 0/3
Just the Two of Us1/3
Murder, Murder0/3
If I Had 0/3
Just Don't Give a #?@! 0/3
Kings Never Die by Eminem 0/3
This Corner by ​dEnAun0/3
What About the Rest of Us? by Action Bronson 0/3
Raw by Bad Meets Evil0/3
R.N.S. by Slaughterhouse0/3
All I Think About by Bad Meets Evil0/3
Drama Never Ends by 50 Cent0/3
Mode by PRhyme 0/3
Wiseman by Frank Ocean 0/3
Guilty Conscience 0/3
My Fault 0/3
My Name Is 0/3
Public Service Announcement 0/3
Brain Damage0/3
Paul 0/3
Bitch 0/3
Lounge 0/3
Ken Kaniff 0/3
Cum on Everybody 0/3
Rock Bottom0/3
Soap 0/3
As the World Turns0/3
I’m Shady0/3
Bad Meets Evil 0/3
Still Don’t Give a Fuck0/3
My Name Is 0/3
Unreleased Songs0/3
BANG 0/3
I'm Having a Relapse1/3
Renegades by Bad Meets Evil1/3
Take The World With Me 1/3
God Is Cleaning Out My Closet0/3
Weed Lacer0/3
Our House 0/3
One-Handed Juggler 0/3
Still in the Bassmint by Soul Intent 0/3
Firecracker 0/3
From Olive Us to Olive U by Soul Intent 0/3
Troublemaker by Soul Intent 0/3
Jealousy Woes I by Soul Intent 0/3
Topless 0/3
Things Get Worse 0/3
Die Hard by Dr. Dre 0/3
W.E.G.O. (Interlude)0/3
It's O.K.0/3
Open Mic0/3
Never 2 Far0/3
Jealousy Woes II0/3
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